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Are you looking for a pause, a place, where it is easy to disconnect? PAUSE GENEROSA above Lake Como in Italy may be the optimal solution for you.  

The vacation rental in an ample Country Villa is a unique enjoyment of a picturesque landscape with vista of Lake Como. It offers the pleasure to dangle once soul in the big blooming garden with its magic ambience. Also the adjacent forest, where a waterfall purls in the ravine, seems to effuse a special energy.  

This Country Villa is located on a sunny hill above Argegno at Lake Como on the border of a little village. The luminous holiday appartment PAUSE GENEROSA has three rooms and a terrace with a spectacular view to lake, mountains and garden. In this venue it is easy to immerge in its personal calm and peace.  

The position of the property allows to enjoy the lake and discover the most important places of interest at Lake Como as well as at Lake Lugano. Nice walking paths start directly at the house or very close from the holiday home.  

Furthermore, useful and targeted suggestions to discover the features and historic sites as well as insights to Italian culture and life style are given. The managing couple has longlasting professional experience in various countries and speaks English/Italian/German and French.

Distance from here to:

ARGEGNO 7 km,  LENNO 14 km, COMO  22 km, MILAN  76 km, LUGANO  31 km

web site: | contact mail: | mobile phone: +41 79 5210737